Digital life that we are seeing today do not have only advantages, but brought with them diseases and the devastating effects of health and that we did not know before, whenever technical grew sophisticated, grown with human laziness and the result of intuitive increased with the resulting lack of movement and sitting wrong conditions of diseases.


In this article about the most important of these damages that may result make you sit and work long before the computer, and even non-conscious use of smart phones and tablet, and the most important solutions and treatment methods, and the most important ways of preventing those bad health effects.

Sitting for long periods of damage

Do you spend more than 6 hours sitting in front of a computer for work or perhaps entertainment? Do you spend more than six hours in front of the TV on holiday to watch your favorite shows days? If yes, the probability of getting heart disease and its risks have increased by 64%, if you are so stressed had clipped from the age of 7 years of good life, you are also likely to have a certain type of cancer, simply the prolonged sitting kill you.

Treat back and neck pain

Once seated, the electrical activity of muscles is slowing, and the rate of calorie burning calories retreat for one every minute, the ratio is one-third of what burned while walking, glucose uptake of insulin rate decreases by 40% and resulting in two types of diabetes. And you can imagine the impact resulting from the continuation of this situation for long periods, more than 6 hours such as sitting for a year or more.

Prevention of sitting for long periods of damage

All you need really for the prevention of such damage is ..

Stand up once every hour

Spend half an hour in the activity of kinaesthetic (Hiking / callisthenics) per day

Whatever your situation, whether you are lazy and do not like the movement, or working long hours in front of the computer, the Australian study suggests that stand up once every hour could prevent most of the problems caused by sitting for long periods. It's not about physical exercise, which is useful in itself, but about making different activities for seating (walks / or actively carry out similar) even reduce sit constant intervals. And give the body pulses of activity during the day.

So it is important to set up an alarm as a reminder to stand every hour, and you can use some applications such as Toggle to track the time you spend at work and tuning sessions by an hour, interspersed those meetings mini sessions by a quarter of an hour to stand up and stretch, or taking a walk around the office or out.

Back and neck pain

We talked about the effects of sitting for long periods and this was suppose you sit moderate hearing and health status, but let's admit that not everyone is able to maintain the health of those situations at work and sitting for long periods. This is also aware that the imposition of these health situations to sit in front of computer.

The treatment of back pain

All of these things are the result of sitting for long periods and bad postures, and this for the simple reason that we sit down status completely different to normal for the body while sitting, and most everyday we spend our time sitting, more than the problem.

This pain produced simply from the pressure of the muscle or greatness as a result of the bad state of the body. For example, if you follow your work via smart phone or spend time in front of him is the other, the tendency neck only 15 degrees forward increases the weight of your head more than doubled (from 5.4 kg to 12.2 kg), with the increase in tilt angle increases the weight of your head, Faisal weight of your head at an angle of 60 degrees to 26.2 kg. The same thing is produced when you consider the computer screen in a way is moderate, the normal position of the neck to remain zero inclination angle.

Back pain also produces (holy appear when lower back) as a result of sitting improperly increase the pressure on the lower back, for example, sit back and assign something flat, quite different habits back curved bottom.